Metallurgical raw materials


Quartzite metallurgical for the production of ferroalloys, as well as building crushed stone
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Refractory products: Manganese ore

Used for lining the walls of open-hearth furnaces, mixers, furnaces for melting copper and nickel ...
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Electrode graphitized products

Graphite electrodes are used primarily in electric arc furnace steel manufacturing...
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Having long time and deep exposure to various aspects of ferroalloy industry the company is able to deliver value-added advisory and consulting services enabling its customers optimize certain activities, processes and increase overall efficiency

Electrode weight

The electrode mass is intended for obtaining continuous self-baking electrodes of electrothermal furnaces of ferrous, non-ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry. It is used in the production of ferroalloys, calcium carbide, phosphorus, abrasive materials. The mass is produced in the form of briquettes or cylinders, depending on the requirements of the customer.

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We have logistic planning department with great experience in delivering our products all over the World.

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