About Us

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We enable the efficient flow of industrial raw materials around the world.

We manage complex supply chains to move minerals, metallurgy raw materials, packaging and recyclable materials from their points of origin to destinations where they are required.

Our diverse portfolio includes various minerals and raw materials, as well as equipment for metallurgy and mining (ferroalloys, quartzite, limestone, coke-chemical products, refractories, graphite products, conveyor belts, etc.). Additionally, we offer a variety of packaging solutions (corrugated packaging, corrugated case materials, egg trays, etc.), raw materials, and equipment for paper mills (waste paper, pulp, chemical raw materials, etc.), along with metal products (rolled metals, metal wire, mesh, etc.).

We are diligently exploring new initiatives to assist our partners in fulfilling their needs.

In the course of our current business activities, we employ cutting-edge technologies, including automation and artificial intelligence, to ensure heightened safety and efficiency in our processes, all the while actively reducing our environmental impact.