Metal wire, mesh

CPM Trading SIA represents the Ukrainian factory “Garant Metiz Invest” (GMI) in the European market. The factory specializes in the production of hardware products (wire, mesh, etc.), with an annual production capacity of approximately 40,000 tons. The manufacturer is equipped with modern equipment from leading global engineering companies, enabling high production efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Their highly skilled personnel, excellent equipment, and quality raw materials ensure the production of products that meet international standards (EN ISO 9001:2008).

At CPM Trading SIA, we adhere to an individual approach to each client, aiming for successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Low-carbon steel wire Vr-1 class

It is used for reinforcing foundations and floor slabs, brickwork, and when pouring floors, as well as for manufacturing welded reinforcement frames using spot welding, and is the primary raw material for making reinforcement grids

Galvanized wire made from ordinary-quality carbon steel

Galvanized wire is used for the production of fencing meshes in industrial and civil construction projects

Thermally treated galvanized wire

Used in the production of woven and welded meshes, shoreline reinforcement, bucket handles, barbed wire, and more.

Heat-treated general-purpose wire

It is used for binding hay, waste paper, metal structures in industry and construction, etc.

Untreated, uncoated general-purpose wire

Application: post-annealing, galvanized, nails, nets, hop construction, lashing, etc.

Welding steel wire

It is used for welding (surfacing), for the manufacture of electrodes

Untreated thermally galvanized wire

It is used for the production of woven and welded nets, strengthening of banks, bucket handles, barbed wire, etc.

Wire for fiber manufacturing

It is used for concrete reinforcement in the creation of road surfaces, airfield runways, missile launch pads, explosion-proof and waterproof structures, floating dock modules, finishing of tunnels and defense structures.

Carbon steel wire (including spring wire)

It is applied to production of different types of springs and grids.

Wire for household and domestic purposes

Used in construction, household needs, etc.

We Represent Quality

At CPM Trading SIA, we take pride in representing manufacturers that uphold the highest industry standards for quality. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the products we offer, thanks to our manufacturing partners who possess:
– Quality Certifications: The manufacturers we represent have earned prestigious quality certifications, affirming their dedication to producing goods that meet and often exceed industry standards. These certifications serve as a testament to the superior quality of the products we offer.
– Expertise: Our manufacturing partners are staffed with experienced specialists who possess professional expertise in their respective fields. Their knowledge and skills ensure the production of top-quality products that we proudly bring to our customers.
– Stringent Quality Assurance: To maintain the highest standards of quality, our manufacturers conduct regular audits and inspections. These rigorous evaluations guarantee the consistency and reliability of the products we represent.
– Innovative Capabilities: Our manufacturing partners are at the forefront of innovation, constantly developing new and improved products to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients. Their commitment to innovation ensures that our customers have access to cutting-edge solutions.
– Accreditations: The manufacturers we represent hold numerous accreditations and certifications, providing our customers with confidence in the reliability and quality of their products. We stand behind these industry-recognized standards.
At CPM Trading SIA, we are dedicated to delivering products that exemplify quality and excellence. We proudly represent manufacturers that adhere to the highest quality standards, ensuring that our customers can trust in the products we offer.

Global Presence

Through astute logistics and strategic collaborations with an array of top-tier logistics partners, we stand primed to efficiently and reliably dispatch our products to any corner of the world. Our operational excellence is vividly displayed in our expansive global reach.

Our unwavering commitment to logistics prowess, coupled with our dynamic partnerships, ensures a seamless and expedited product delivery experience. With CPM Trading SIA, you can trust in our ability to transcend geographical boundaries, offering a swift and dependable delivery solution tailored to your needs. Our global accessibility embodies our dedication to serving our customers with unparalleled convenience and satisfaction.


We have logistic planning department with great experience in delivering our products all over the World.

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