Metāla stieple, tīkls

CPM Trading SIA represents the Ukrainian factory “Garant Metiz Invest” (GMI) in the European market. The factory specializes in the production of hardware products (wire, mesh, etc.), with an annual production capacity of approximately 40,000 tons. The manufacturer is equipped with modern equipment from leading global engineering companies, enabling high production efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Their highly skilled personnel, excellent equipment, and quality raw materials ensure the production of products that meet international standards (EN ISO 9001:2008).

At CPM Trading SIA, we adhere to an individual approach to each client, aiming for successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Low-carbon steel wire Vr-1 class

To izmanto pamatu un griestu pastiprināšanai, ķieģeļu mūrēšanai un grīdu liešanai, punktmetināto stiegrojuma sprostu ražošanā un ir galvenais izejmateriāls stiegrojuma sieta ražošanā

Galvanized wire made from ordinary-quality carbon steel

Cinkota stieple tiek izmantota žogu tīklu ražošanai rūpniecisko un civilo būvlaukumos

Thermally treated galvanized wire

To izmanto austo un metināto tīklu ražošanā, balstu, kausu rokturu, dzeloņstiepļu u.c. stiprināšanā.

Heat-treated general-purpose wire

To izmanto siena, makulatūras, metāla konstrukciju iesiešanai rūpniecībā un celtniecībā u.c.

Untreated, uncoated general-purpose wire

Pielietojums: pēcatkausēšana, cinkota, naglas, tīkli, apiņu konstrukcija, stiprināšana utt.

Welding steel wire

To izmanto metināšanai (virsmas veidošanai), elektrodu ražošanai

Untreated thermally galvanized wire

To izmanto austo un metināto tīklu ražošanai, balstu stiprināšanai, kausu rokturiem, dzeloņstieplēm u.c.

Wire for fiber manufacturing

To izmanto betona stiegrošanai ceļu segumu, lidlauku skrejceļu, raķešu palaišanas platformu, sprādziendrošu un ūdensdrošu konstrukciju, peldošo doku moduļu, tuneļu un aizsardzības konstrukciju apdarē.

Carbon steel wire (including spring wire)

To izmanto dažādu veidu atsperu un režģu ražošanā.

Wire for household and domestic purposes

Izmanto celtniecībā, sadzīves vajadzībām utt.

We are certified

One of our most important targets is to be easy-to-work with business partner. To achieve that we certificate our products and processes.

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Through astute logistics and strategic collaborations with an array of top-tier logistics partners, we stand primed to efficiently and reliably dispatch our products to any corner of the world. Our operational excellence is vividly displayed in our expansive global reach.

Our unwavering commitment to logistics prowess, coupled with our dynamic partnerships, ensures a seamless and expedited product delivery experience. With CPM Trading SIA, you can trust in our ability to transcend geographical boundaries, offering a swift and dependable delivery solution tailored to your needs. Our global accessibility embodies our dedication to serving our customers with unparalleled convenience and satisfaction.


We have logistic planning department with great experience in delivering our products all over the World.

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We know our business and we are fully prepared legally, thats allow us to make more successful product deliveries.

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