Wire for fiber manufacturing

It is used for concrete reinforcement in the creation of road surfaces, airfield runways, missile launch pads, explosion-proof and waterproof structures, floating dock modules, finishing of tunnels and defense structures. It is also used when making various screeds and laying concrete floors at objects for various purposes.

Material SAE1008
Tensile strength from 1100 to 2200 N/mm
Wire diameter from 1,0 to 1,2 mm
Special packaging 1) coil type Z2
ID: 360 (+/- 10 mm)
OD: 650 (+/- 10 mm)
Height: 280 mm
Weight мотка: from 400 to 500 kg
2) coil type Z3
ID: 400 (+/- 20mm)
OD: 800 (+/- 20mm)
Height: 500 mm
Weight of coils: up to 1000 kg