Refractory products: Manganese ore

Used for lining the walls of open-hearth furnaces, mixers, furnaces for melting copper and nickel, high-temperature heating furnaces, oxygen converter benches, and also in the form of slab shutters for steel pouring ladles, casting of steel, porous lances for purging steel with gases, etc. In unshaped form for the manufacture of a flicker, metallurgical powders, ramming masses for steel vacuumers, induction furnaces, etc. This kind of refractory contains over 85% MgO and consists of periclase powder with the addition of an adhesive binder, calcining refractories at a temperature from 1600 ° C to 1900 ° FROM.

Any metallurgy requires not only using of high temperature resistant materials, but also materials that can be exposed to extreme temperatures for a prolonged period. Therefore, in such cases tailored materials — heat-resistant, refractory and heat insulating — are generally used. The final product of metallurgy depends exactly on such qualities.

Refractory products from company CPM Trading SIA

Our company sells the top-quality refractory products from global manufacturers, finding their application in iron industry and nonferrous industry companies, construction, heat power engineering and chemical industry in the territory of EU. Periclase refractory and formed periclase refractory are the most demanded products.
This category of refractory is supplied to us by the largest manufacturers situated in China. This material is perfect for using in metallurgic furnaces, open-hearth furnaces and electric arc furnaces.
We sell refractory materials of various typical sizes and shapes; depending on specifics of application you can choose formed or non-formed periclase refractory.
Depending on the needs of customer we can deliver formed periclase refractory of burned or unburned type.

Application of periclase refractory

Generally speaking, refractory materials are used as a dressing (lining) of walls inside the metallurgic furnaces, pouring nozzles and other elements of complicated configuration. Thanks to the chemical and thermally-resistant refractory, it is possible to increase the efficiency of the metallurgic equipment and reduce gas permeability.
Non-formed periclase refractory is universal material for lining of dome and base of high-temperature metallurgic furnaces, production of refractory mortar, production of metallurgical dust and ramming compounds