Eco-friendly packaging – a global market trend!

PJSC “Zhydachiv pulp and paper Combine ( PJSC “ZhPPС” , Ukraine) is a customer-focused company. Marketing experts of the plant actively delve into the market requirements and customer expectations. Global eco-focused movement pushes the manufacturers of various products to use eco-friendly packaging. A shift from the plastic transportation packaging to
corrugated packaging, promotion of corrugated cardboard applications in different areas of daily life and in the manufacturing lines inspire technologists of Zhidachevsky cellulose-paper plant to constantly upgrade their technologies.
The wide range of corrugated paper of grade B-0, B-1, B-2 and cardboard for even layers of corrugated cardboard (testliner), fully meets the needs of the customers.
Packaging paper of grade E is particularly demanded. Universal eco-friendly paper is used for packaging items and as a single-use napkins under plates in restaurants and single-use tablecloths in fairs and markets, and also as eco-friendly ground litter for animals in zoos and farms.
The complete manufacturing cycle in Zhydachevsky plant “from paper to corrugated packaging and moulded tare” allows meeting customers’ needs for corrugated packaging: boxes with 4 flaps; cardboard carry trays for confectionery items and
sweets; corrugated cardboard boxes for tinned food and bottles; cardboard pallets for drinks in cardboard packaging; special corrugated boxes and carry trays for dairy
produce, butter and spreads; corrugated cardboard carry trays for berries, fruit and vegetables; and so on.
In 2022, Zhidachevsky cellulose-paper plant won an award in the Ukrainian competition “Package Star of Ukraine 2022” with its line of corrugated packaging for fruit and vegetable produce.
There is a separate modern manufacturing line of moulded tare, and specifically – egg carton for 30 pcs. of eggs in manual and automatic modes ensuring efficiency of up to 72 million pcs. of the moulded tare units per year!
Zhidachevsky plant is situated close to the border with the European countries, it holds all the ISM compliance as per ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018
and it has a certified chain of delivery as per FSC (FSC-С144407) favouring efficient and mutually beneficial cooperation!
Let’s protect the environment together!