Egg Trays 310*310*51 mm

Egg Trays are crafted through paper molding, intended for the safe packaging, transportation, and storage of eggs.

Weight: 63 ± 3 grams per piece
Number of Eggs in Each Tray: 30 pieces
Recommended for Packing Eggs Weighing: 70 – 80 grams
Packaged in sets of 100, wrapped in polyethylene shrink film.

Length: 310±3 mm
Width: 310±3 mm
Height: 51±1 mm
The unique Egg Trays design ensures it can withstand stacking loads without compromising the integrity of the fragile products (eggs).

Upon request, we can also provide corrugated cardboard boxes to facilitate the transport of eggs placed in tuberculate Egg Trays.

Raw Materials
Our Egg Trays are crafted from 100% recycled materials, specifically waste paper.

Regulatory Compliance
The production of Egg Trays strictly adheres to the standards outlined in TU U 17.2-00278801-008:2020, titled “Tuberous Gaskets for Packaging Eggs. Technical Specifications.” Food safety management system as per ISO 22000:2018.