Quartzite — a naturally occurring mineral, widely used in construction and production of ferroalloys. It is used in metallurgy as a flux and is known for its excellent fire-resistance: in order to melt it or even to deform it, the furnace needs to develop temperature up to at least +1,770 C.
CPM Trading SIA offers wide range of ground and crushed quartzites, and also fire-resistant fillers from quartzite, used for lining of heat generating units. As the official leader of the private joint stock company “Tolkachevskiy Mining and Processing Plant” in the territory of EU, we can deliver any amount of material you need!

Metallurgical quartzite

Quartzite is a fire-resistant and heat-resistant material used in dozens of industrial sectors. It does not accumulate radiation and harmful substances, it is completely ecological, wonderful and reliable material!

Area of application of metallurgical quartzite is exceptionally wide:

  • production of ferroalloys;
  • silica products;
  • fire-resistant coatings;
  • acid-resistant mixtures
  • concrete products and mixtures;
  • pots for induction ovens;
  • linings for pouring ladles
  • heat generating units;
  • gunning mixes etc.

Decorative stone

Quartzite — extraordinary beautiful stone. It excels with its even and smooth surface. Due to is aesthetic properties, heterogeneity of its texture and extensive pallet of white, pink and grey shades, it is very demanded in architecture and decorative applications in buildings. Demand for the quartzite is explained by its strength and durability.
It is unusually durable and hard variety with white, grey or pale red shade. It always contains quartz with insignificant amounts of admixtures of other minerals. Quartzite has high resistance to rupture, that can be achieved by crushing in various conditions. Its application includes road-bed in motor road construction and railway tracks, filling of foundations and alloyage of various makes of grain-oriented steel and structural iron. During regenerative process of this natural material, one obtains silicon, which is taken as the basic material of ferrosilicon — material used for deoxidisation of mild types of steel.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of quartzite

Density2.62 g/cm³
Protodyakonov scale of hardness16
Water absorption coefficient0.15
Upper strength threshold of dry material1,620-2,634 kg/cm²
Upper strength threshold of moisture-saturated material1,571-2,366 kg/cm²
Crushability grade“1400”
Durability in terms of impact resistance in vertical drop machine PMU-75
Resistance to abrasion, %16.2-17.4
Frost resistance according to Farenheit300
Radioactivity class1

Chemical compounds of quartzites

SiO295 – 98.2 %
Al2O30.5 – 2.8 %
Fe2O30.2 – 1.0 %
MnO0.013 – 0.2 %
CaO0.05 – 0.11 %
TiO20.03 – 0.15 %
P2O50.01 %
K2O0.03 – 0.07 %

Nomenclature of products to be released

Ser. No.NameApplication areaPhysical and chemical properties
Delivery conditions
1. Q
TK 97-60
TK 97-100
TU U 01056244-001-95
production of ferroalloys
Lump size:
25-60 mm;
25-80 mm;
25-100 mm;
SiO2 – >97%;
Al2O3 – <1.6%;
Fe2O3 – <0,6%;
by rail — in semi-wagons, in bulk
TK 97-25
TU U 01056244-001-95
manufacturing of refractory and silicaLump size - 5-25 mm;
SiO2 – >97%;
Al2O3 – <1.6%;
Fe2O3 – <0,6%;
by rail — in semi-wagons, in bulk
3.Fine-grain quartzite mixture
TU U 00191879-03-2000
manufacturing of clay-quartz mixtures, production of concrete blocks and monolithic liningGrain composition:
penetration through sieve No. 3,2 - within limits of 95-100%;
No.05 - within limits of 40-50%;
No.009 - <20%.
Chemical composition:
SiO2 – <97%;
Fe2O3 – >0.6%;
A2lO3 – >1.6%.
by rail — in semi-wagons, in bulk

4.Ballast of broken stone
GOST 8267-93
fillers for concretes of all types;
road-bed in motor road construction, incl. railway tracks
Fraction, mm:
durability grade - M 1400;
absorption of water - 2.3%;
make according to wear - I-1;
frost resistance - P 300;
impact resistance - U-75;
loose density - 1,450 kg/m3;
hollowness - 16%;
content of needle-shaped and platy (covering) grains — up to 25%;
content of finely powdered and clay admixtures - 2%;
radioactivity - class 1.
by rail — in semi-wagons, in bulk
5.Sand and crushed stone mix
device for crushed stone and gravel bed and pavements of the motor roads.
Mixture for wedging of base
Fraction - 0-10 mm;
durability grade - M 1400;
frost resistance - P 300;
content of needle-shaped and platy (covering) grains — up to 10-30%;
content of finely powdered and clay admixtures - 2%;
radioactivity - class 1.
by rail — in semi-wagons, in bulk
6.Splintered stoneArrangement of foundations, decorative finish Road transport