Corrugated cardboard packaging upon order

Manufacture of corrugated boxes takes the top position in area of packaging. We offer you an excellent corrugated packaging for all purposes at optimum prices. We cooperate with the best cardboard manufacturers and we are ready to deliver wide range of their products.

Corrugated cardboard packaging upon order: product range

Manufactured packaging includes the following product range:

  • corrugated boxes (four-flap);
  • products with complicated punching (trays, containers, underpans).

Besides wholesale of boxes, our prices include also additional packaging services and cardboard packages upon order:

  • paddings — used when the packaging of products or articles require sections inside the box to increase safety of contents. Paddings can overlap with upper and lower flaps of the box, divide the internal space horizontally and vertically;
  • grills — are manufactured from partitions, dividing the space of transport tare into individual cells for placing the articles or consumer packaging (bottles, packs etc.);
  • reinforcement — a closed structure, similar to a single cardboard box, intended for increasing hardness of the main packaging.
  • inserts — differ from reinforcements with a joint seal. They are laid inside the tare to strengthen the walls, improve protection functions and to prevent articles from damaging.

High quality cardboard boxes: properties

Order the upper layer of the box from corrugated cardboard in a natural fibre colour, white and cloudy (cellulose) external layer, or with a paint coating. According to customer’s preferences the intended box can have an artistic touch by applying a special template. Technical possibilities of the manufacturer’s equipment allow to apply printing elements in one, two or three colours on the cardboard boxes. Mechanical strength properties of boxes are laid down in regulatory documents that apply to production of boxes for certain product types, depending on ability of products to take or not to take loads in case of palletising.

Production of boxes upon order: dimensions

You can buy cardboard boxes in all possible standard dimensions, according to regulatory documents or your individual needs. Customer can also choose between several types of source material (three- and five-layer corrugated cardboard).

Cardboard boxes in wholesale: where and how to manufacture

You can buy cardboard boxes in territory EU and have them delivered in few days, because we represent the largest manufacturer of cardboard packaging and its manufacturing capacity can take voluminous offers. Finished products are operatively shipped from the manufacturer to the customer located in any country of EU with transport companies.

Before you buy our cardboard boxes, contact our managers and discuss terms and conditions of cooperation. Our employees will definitely help you with all aspects of choosing the necessary products.