Corrugated paper base

Paper for corrugation or fluting is a type of packaging material, manufactured from wood pulp. Range of application of this material is rather wide, however it is mostly used to create different packaging. Advantages of paper to be used for corrugation are flexibility that allows the paper to stretch, therefore this paper is provided in rolls. Paper for corrugation meets the following properties:

  • Cardboard mass — from 80 to 160 g/m2;
  • makes — B-0, B-1, B-2;
  • finish — machine;
  • origin of raw material — waste paper;
  • type of product — paper roll.

Wholesale of paper for corrugation is one of the main lines of direction of Zhidachiv Cellulose-Paper Mill that is our cooperation partner. The products are sold to customers at manufacturer’s prices that makes the deal especially appealing.

One can choose the necessary articles from the range of paper roll products, as it is manufactured in different standard sizes:

  • roll width — from 700 to 2,500 mm;
  • roll diameter — from 900 to 1,150 mm.

Cardboard sheet is rolled on a cylinder tube with either 76 mm or 100 mm in diameter and wall thickness not less than 10 mm.

Wholesale of paper for corrugation — available as glued (K) or non-glued (NK). The quality determines absorbing properties of the material. Different levels of paper gluing allows manufacturing some types that are exposed to a liquid at various degree. Printability depends of said degree of gluing.

We are open for cooperation with customers from entire EU. Article paper for corrugation can be bought with delivery included at manufacturer’s prices. Efficient delivery of the order will pleasantly surprise our customers therefore they will not look for other suppliers of corrugated raw materials.