High-quality cardboard boxes

One of our permanent partners is paper and packaging material factory Zhidachiv Cellulose-Paper Mill. For many years it has been positioning itself as a large-scale manufacturer of corrugated packaging. Thanks to that, the largest industrial companies, which manufacture products not only for European markets but also export to other countries, entrust us to manufacture corrugated boxes and other packaging products.

Sale of high-quality cardboard boxes

Cardboard sale is not the only line of direction that we operate at; we also sell large-sized cardboard boxes for packaging of large-sized products, diverse packaging boxes in bulk, original boxes for pizzas and other food industry articles, incl. boxes for vegetables or fruits and cardboard boxes for confectionery articles. Besides, manufacturers of cardboard packaging will find here abundant range of raw material for their products — three- and five-layer corrugated cardboard, cardboard roll, packaging material, and can order cardboard for dense layers of corrugated cardboard and variety of others. And it is not all — corrugated cardboard prints have become very popular, as it makes the packaging bright and trendy.

To our pickiest customers we can offer interesting versions of articles with complicated punching, such as cardboard box with a “window”, which is a great version of presentation packaging. Not only such tare keeps the content in its initial structure and appearance, but also draws attention of the customers.

Perfect price, quality and service ratio

We find appreciation from our customers very important therefore we try to provide them a perfect service that consists of several aspects: careful attitude, quality of our products, optimum price.

Every cardboard box ordered is harmonised with the customer concerning all parameters or requirements: dimensions, quantity, source material, delivery and lot of other features. We are always ready to provide a detailed consultation on how to manufacture and buy corrugated cardboard. Prices of entire product range are more than democratic — once you find out your price, you understand that we offer a favourable cooperation.

Irrespective of what you found attractive in our offer — cardboard boxes in bulk or one roll of packaging paper, we are always glad to help in purchase and delivery process.