Layered corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard nowadays is the most demanded material for packaging and package elements. This is due to several factors:

  • price of the corrugated cardboard outplays similar materials from plastic, wood or metal;
  • optimum protection functions allow to easily package the product of various configurations and texture;
  • ease and comfort in use does not require special skills from the packaging staff;
  • eco friendly properties of the raw material — only ecological and pure ingredients are used to manufacture this product, and corn starch is used as a gluing agent;
  • recyclable;
  • universal application.

Sheets of the corrugated cardboard is a multi-layer material where one or two layers of corrugated sheet alternate with some layers of dense cardboard.
There are several makes of corrugated cardboard, depending on the number of layers. Each type of corrugated cardboard has its characteristics and specific use.

Two-layer corrugated cardboard

This type of corrugated cardboard, designated as grade D, consists of dense and corrugated layers. This make is a padding cardboard or wrapper, due to the excellent shock-absorbing properties. However, this cardboard is not used for packaging due to its low durability.

Three-layer corrugated cardboard

This cardboard consists of two dense layers and one corrugated layer, and it differs from the previous type with an increased durability and strength. It is possible to manufacture corrugated cardboard with type V- and S-shaped corrugation wave. We offer the following makes of three-layer corrugated cardboard:

  • cardboard T 20;
  • cardboard T 21;
  • cardboard T 22;
  • cardboard T 23;
  • cardboard T 24;
  • cardboard T 25.

Makes KG-2, KG-3 and GK-4 are also available.

Thanks to the high durability of this material, it is used for cargo tare of various configurations, and also for other elements of packaging.

We are always ready to sell corrugated three-layer cardboard sheets with the maximum standard sizes 3,000*2,450 mm, 2,500*1,200mm and 3,250*2,050mm.

Five-layer corrugated cardboard

Five-layer corrugated cardboard consists of three layers of dense cardboard and two joining layers of corrugated sheet. Following makes are available:

  • cardboard P 30;
  • cardboard P 31;
  • cardboard P 32;
  • cardboard P 33;
  • cardboard P 34.

Five-layer corrugated cardboard can be purchased in bulk by customers who manufacture packaging for large-sized products or their transport; characteristics of this cardboard allows to cut down risks of damaging the content by external forces during transporting or storing.

The company manufactures greyish brown and white corrugated cardboard. You can buy it at individual standard sizes with maximum dimensions 3,000*2,400mm, 2,500*1,200mm and 3,250*2,050mm.