Wrapping paper

Sale of wrapping paper — one of main types of our activity. This packaging material is considered to be the most common material for packaging any products and it is highly demanded in manufacturing and trade industries.

Purposes of wrapping paper

Wrapping paper in rolls has a wide range of application. Food wrapping paper is used to wrap all kinds of food products (such as confectionery or fruits or vegetables), and also for some types of medications. Construction paper in rolls is useful for packaging the industrial articles, from construction materials to household appliances. Besides, wholesale of wrapping paper makes an excellent material for manufacturing of paper packages for chain stores.


Wrapping paper is manufactured according to the established standards. Currently it meets the following parameters:

  • Paper mass — from 80 to 140 g/m2;
  • make — E;
  • source material — 100% waste paper;
  • finish — machine.

Roll parameters:

  • roll width — from 700 to 2,500 mm;
  • roll diameter — from 900 to 1,150 mm;
  • internal diameter of cylinder — 76 mm or 100 mm depending on customer’s wishes, wall thickness must be at least 10 mm

Wrapping paper for food products is manufactured from ecologically pure raw material that does not contain toxic admixtures. In order to enhance durability, we offer glued paper that increases moisture resistance of the paper. Non-glued paper is used for packaging which has different prints, such as company logo.

Wholesale of packaging paper from a reliable manufacturer

We offer to buy packaging paper at prices of the manufacturer, who claims the leading positions in the packaging material sector. Its product range includes types and makes of packaging paper from high quality waste paper.

Article wrapping paper can be bought in bulk. Please, contact our managers, who will provide a detailed information about terms and conditions of cooperation and offer the most favourable option for certain order.