Boxboard — special dense cardboard, used in making consumer boxes for various purposes. We sell high quality cardboard for boxes at manufacturer’s prices.

Boxboard: intended use and advantages

This material is mainly used for making different cardboard boxes and packaging elements for manufacturing and food industry. It is also used as a padding layer underneath the items when storing and transporting cargoes.

The main advantages and uses of the material:

  • eco friendly — cardboard as a padding layer and box material is manufactured from raw and ecologically pure material without added toxic admixtures and harmful additives;
  • application range — such packaging is demanded in all areas of any manufacturing industry;
  • wide choice of standard sizes;
  • low prime cost of the production means considerable savings at the expense of packaging.

Boxboard: production parameters

Today one can buy boxboard at any quantities and very good prices. We invite you to get acquainted with an offer that is hard to turn down.

Product range includes boxboard with the following parameters:

  • cardboard mass — from 300 to 470 g/m2;
  • makes — KK-1 and KK2;
  • multilayer;
  • machine finish;
  • source material — 100% waste paper;
  • natural fibre colour.

Boxboard can be bought in rolls, starting from 800 mm in width. Upon a mutual agreement, both width and diameter of the roll can be increased, given that the minimum size is 760 mm. Cardboard sheet is rolled on a cylinder tube 76 or 100 mm in diameter and wall thickness not less than 10 mm.

Buy dense cardboard from a reliable manufacturer

Our partner, Zhidachiv Cellulose-Paper Mill, whose production is shown in our pricelist has claimed a considerable niche in the boxboard market and it has been manufacturing the most varied range of cardboard products for last 67 years. Many years of experience and proven technology allows to convincingly reassure that customers will receive only premium quality boxboard manufactured at the mill. It must also be noted, that one can not only buy a good quality boxboard at favourable prices, but also receive advantageous offer, because the permanent customers and bulk offers are subject to a flexible discount system.

Before you buy the boxboard, our managers will provide a detailed consultation concerning terms and conditions of an order and delivery. You can always ask our managers for an advice, because individual approach to each customer is the main advantage of cooperation with us.